Where Would You Worship?

I’m so excited that my husband, Dwayne, has decided to join Allentown Presbyterian Church.  It’s been interesting observing him and talking to him about what he expects and hopes for in a community of faith.  In the process, I heard about his experiences as a visitor in a half-dozen or so congregations, and I provided some feedback to a few of the pastors of the churches.  For the most part, the pastors of the churches I spoke with weren’t surprised at all about his choice.  But, what’s striking to me is that more than one responded with something like, “I wouldn’t choose my congregation, either, if I were looking for a church.”

So that leads me to ask … Pastors, if you were looking for a church, would you choose yours?  Choose an answer in the poll above.

By the way, this is the first time I’m using the poll feature in WordPress … lets see how it works.

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