How Will We Do It? (Specifics)

New Brunswick State of the Presbytery (part 6)

So here are some specific actions that we hope to accomplish as a result of our new mission/vision statements:

1. Meetings

The content, structure and purpose of our presbytery gatherings (stated meetings) can be more effective at living into our mission/vision.  We need to create more opportunities at our gatherings for building relationships and connecting with one another.  Some possibilities include:

  • creating “open space” to have conversation and dialogue around specific issues and topics and passions,
  • building elder/clergy training into the structure of our gatherings
  • inviting dynamic keynoters to our gatherings who will inspire and challenge us in our ministry
  • incorporating more and varied spiritual practices into our time together as “presbytery”

2. Get-Together

Let’s encourage the web of relationships in our presbytery.  As you feel a need, or are invited … let’s form small groups for elders and/or pastors.  Let’s break bread together (if you get an invitation to dinner at my house, please say “yes!”).  What about a Presbyterian wine group, or a motorcycle riding group, lectionary study groups, social witness action groups, book reading groups … I know we’re all busy and have “work” to do.  This work, though, involves “BEING” together not just acheiving, accomplishing, or doing together.  Our webs can include facebook and other virtual options, but it has to include the face to face meetings as well.

3.  Plan of Presbytery

As I’m sure you’re aware, I am not a “structure, polity or policy” lover.  But it’s time to revisit our Plan of Presbytery with the evaluation and imagination of our guiding principles and what we hope to accomplish.  We need to “right-size” for starters.  We need fewer elected positions.  Right now we have 175 elected positions in our structure, only 116 of them are currently filled.  I’d like to challenge us to right-size that to 60.  That doesn’t excuse the rest of us from presbytery participation, but it will allow for flexibility and fluidity in mission.  We will see to it that people are using their gifts, skills and passions in the way that is both a blessing for them and for the larger community.

4.  Budget

Very simply put … our budget needs to reflect our mission/vision.

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