New Brunswick State of the Presbytery

UntitledNew Brunswick State of the Presbytery (part 1)

I gave a “State of the Presbytery” presentation in the Presbytery of New Brunswick’s September meeting.  Beginning with the specifics of ministry together over the past year, I sang (not very well) a version of the Billy Joel song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”  What I wanted to spend my docket time on, though, was not the accomplishments or challenges of the past year … rather, I wanted to focus on the implications and the foundation of the new mission/vision statement that was presented.

The whole report is too long for one blog post, so I’ll be recreating the report in a series of six posts fleshing out the following questions:

  • What is “Presbytery?”
  • What Do We Hope to Do?
  • How Will We Do It?

This is, by no means, a transcription of my report … in fact, some things will be more developed here than they were in person, and other things will be less developed.  This is, however, a place to continue the conversation about these ideas … comments are welcome, not just from members of New Brunswick Presbytery, but anyone who wishes to engage in this conversation about the function of Presbytery or where we’re going as “church.”  I will link the following posts as I publish them:

What is “Presbytery?” (part 2)

Community: a Web of Relationships (part 3)

What Do We Hope to Do? (part 4)

How Will We Do It? (Guiding Principles) (part 5)

How Will We Do It? (Some Specifics) (part 6)

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