Christmas Eve

Blue Christmas

In the midst of dark “blue” headlines of school children killed by the Taliban in Pakistan, of the two-year anniversary of the shooting in Newtown CT, of the release of the report describing the torture the CIA engaged in, of the unarmed black men killed by white police officers, of…

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Going through the Motions

On Christmas Eve, I had the opportunity to worship with the Missouri Synod Lutheran church that I grew up in.  The sanctuary looked virtually the same as it did on December 24, 1970, the first Christmas Eve in that building.  The hymnals had changed color since then, but the liturgy…

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Christmas Eve Visitors

  Church growth guru, Bill Easum, says that Christmas Eve is the most important night of the year for the “unconnected”.  How many of our churches, though, design Christmas Eve worship for the first-time visitor, for the person who is not connected to a community of faith or to a…

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