So much of what we understand “church” to be is based on assumptions of culture, mostly western European, mostly 20th century.  Yet there is an underlying truth to who God is and what God has done through Jesus Christ that not only transcends culture, but transforms it.

Through my work consulting, leading, pastoring, and writing, I attempt to face the real issues, the day-to-day issues of being Church … particularly the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) … in central New Jersey and around the world in the second decade of the 21st century.  Please read or subscribe to my blog, leave comments and we’ll engage in conversation.  If you’d like to contact me to discuss consulting, teaching or other ways you think I might serve you and/or the church, please do.

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Rev. Wendy Bailey

  • How Many Pigs have you Slaughtered?  A Reflection on Cyber Fear and the Church

    One of the disclosures of the Edward Snowden leaks of 2013 was that the NSA knows how many pigs you killed in Angry Birds.  The Angry Bird developer, Rovio, denied that they turned over any information regarding user gaming to the NSA, but the thought was still disturbing enough to…

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  • Fact-checking and Faith

    What’s the capital of Switzerland?  It was a relatively simple question for Eva, our German exchange student.  She had been to Switzerland and she had stood in the capital. “Bern,” she said confidently.  “No, anyone else?” the social studies teacher paused briefly then added, “The capital of Switzerland is Zurich.”…

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  • A Different Animal

    Sunday I met with a session to begin the process of closing a church.  It reminded me of this, the first chapter of a book I’m working on.  This is just a draft, so comments are welcome …. “That’s why the presbytery sent you, right?  To close us?” Ruth whispers…

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