A Web of Relationships

New Brunswick State of the Presbytery (part 3)

spider web bungee cord

I keep a web bungee cord in my saddlebag for the times I need to strap luggage or packages on the back of my motorcycle.  The web is able to keep the items secure better than even a couple single cords.  The kind of community we develop in this presbytery should be a web of relationships, some more structured, others less structured.  The relationships will be around friendships, areas of interest and common work.

There is no center to this web, there is no hub, there is no higher authority.  This kind of organization is one that is decentralized.  Each part knows the core values, beliefs, vision and mission or who we are together.  No one is connected to everybody, but we are all interconnected.  Communication happens naturally, quickly, through the relationships that are established.  The relationships, and the functionality, of the system, though, rely on trust that each of us have the same purpose.  In the case of the bungee, to keep my luggage secure on the back of my bike, even at highway speeds.  In the case of the presbytery, to enable us all to grow in discipleship and to be a visible witness of the kingdom of God.

This kind of connectionalism, is resilient, flexible, and better able to mobilize and respond to needs of the people and the congregations.  The “elastic” and strength of our presbytery needs to be based on our relationships with Jesus Christ and with each other, not on procedures, policies, and polity.  It also means that the whole presbytery does not need to be involved in order for it to be the work of the presbytery.  Wherever two or three are gathered … wherever congregations and elders are working together for the furthering of the Kingdom … that IS the work of the presbytery.

We need to develop a trust … transparency, honesty, and a deep respect and confidence in the Holy Spirit to work it out through us.  Being a BOLD community is one that is able to take risks, to say who and whose we are, to step out and step up … not because we believe in ourselves, but because we trust in the Spirit.

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