Professional Development & Skills

Church Leadership

  • Coach/Trainer of Barnabas Leadership Group, a leadership development program for pastors and other church leaders focusing on care of the soul and development of the leader.
  • Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders   32 hours of training in conflict transformation and mediation by Richard Blackburn of the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.  Topics included a biblical base to conflict mediation, basic family systems theory at work in conflict, conflict styles, individual mediation, group mediation and healing strategies for congregations.
  • Presbytery Leader Formation
    Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
    Three year training including annual 1-week residencies, monthly coaching, and on-going peer support in professional presbytery leadership.  Topics include the changing church culture, conflict mediation, dealing with difficult people, budget management, managing change, and more.
  • Interim Pastor’s Education Conference (week 1)
    Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe NV
    One week training focusing on the specific challenges and skills needed for successful transitional ministry.

Ministry Redevelopment/Evangelism

  • Developed and implemented the Future Story Project.
    Together with my colleagues we worked this project based on appreciate inquiry, demographics, and missional church foundations, with dozens of congregations.
  • Journey Group on Missional Identity
    Western Theological Seminary, Holland MI
    Three year peer study and learning experience focusing on the Missional Church.  In-depth study and conversation with leaders in Missional Church such as: George Hunsberger, Darrel Guder, Phil Kenneson, Ina Grace Diettrich, Eunice Barrett, Eddie Gibbs and Craig Van Gelder.
  • Acts 16:5 Initiative with E. Stanley Ott
    As one of the first to engage in congregational development with the Acts 16:5 initiative, I worked not only as a leader/pastor of a congregation in the program, but as a small group leader, and later as the presbytery leader in the organization and implementation of the three year initiative.
  • various workshops and classes with Bill Easum and Associates (now 21st Century Strategies)
    including intensive week-long courses in “Turn Around Church” and “Put Your Own O2 Mask on First”
  • early participant in The Gospel and our Culture Network and Emergent Church
    attended conferences and gatherings, participated in online discussions and communities, read various books and articles
  • various training events with Herb Miller on Evangelism and Church Growth, Reggie McNeal on Missional Church, Chip Arn on Evangelism, Martha Grace Reese on Evangelism

New Church

  • Church Planting (Barnabas Training) with Glenn Smith through the New Church Initiatives with Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX
  • Annual New Church Development Training Events with PCUSA
  • coached and consulted with more than 30 church plants through the Presbytery of New Covenant, Presbytery of Detroit, and non-Presbyterian initiatives.


  • Trained as coach/trainer by Barnabas Leadership Group, Vital Churches Institute
  • Consultant Training through Jill Hudson
    designed the training with Jill Hudson and Mary Marcotte to train a team of ongoing consultants/coaches in the Presbytery of New Covenant. I was also a participant/learner during the training.
  • NCD Pastor Coach training (audit)
    offered through the PCUSA

Formal Education

Revised June 19, 2015