Barnabas Leadership Group

Barnabas Leadership Groups are groups of approximately 15 pastors or church leaders who are interested in increasing their leadership capacity.

“Barnabas Leadership Groups are groups of around fifteen pastors and other church leaders that meet in a focused, formal initiative to enhance their leadership capacity.  They meet three times a year, for two years as a guided learning community. Each gathering combines direct instruction, reading assignments and reflection on leadership theory and actual leadership moments from members’ personal experiences.”

— from the Barnabas Leadership Group website

The Barnabas Leadership Group is a commitment to the care of your soul and specific leadership skills during this highly anxious and critical time in church leadership.  Contact Rev. Wendy Bailey, below, for more information on Barnabas Leadership Groups, or to set one up in your area.


Rev. Wendy Bailey is available to consult with congregations, pastors, and judicatories in the areas of:

  • vision and mission setting for the future,
  • conflict mediation and reconciliation,
  • leadership development,
  • new church or mission development,
  • stewardship
  • and other areas.

Church Leadership Development

Contact Rev. Bailey to design educational programs, retreats, workshops or events for your church or judicatory to address areas of

  • spiritual leadership,
  • social media,
  • our changing context including trends and demographics
  • conflict in the church,
  • congregational health,
  • church officer training
  • or other topics of leadership development.

Workshops & Presentations

Contact Rev. Bailey to lead workshops or presentations for your congregation, judicatory, or regional event.  Here is a list of some recent workshops she’s led:

  • On Your Doorstep: A Missional approach to Evangelism
    Using Luke 10, the story of Jesus’ sending of the seventy, we will outline 12 rules for evangelism for the church today. This course could also be called post-modern evangelism, missional evangelism, incarnation evangelism or evangelism for liberals.  But, no matter your theology, this course will give you pragmatic suggestions for making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Twenty-Eight Members Strong:  A Story of One Small Church Finding Its Missional Purpose
    This workshop  focuses on the story of one small church as they contemplated their future.  The topics of focus are universal for all congregations:  The real purpose of the congregation and its mission, saying yes to new ideas, building use, being a visible witness in the community, and the changing role of the pastor.  This is a powerful story with great implications for congregations of all sizes, however we will focus specifically on the smaller membership church being a healthy and vital community of faith and witness.
  • Elders as Spiritual Leaders
    The role of ruling elder in a congregation is expanding in the church today. Elders should expect that a call to leadership in the church will not only demand their time and energy in service to the maintenance of worship,education and mission programs, but it will challenge them to grow in their faith. This workshop will explore the demands of adaptive leadership in the church, the sacredness of the call to leadership, and the expectations and possibilities of spiritual growth as an elder (both while actively serving on the session and once rotating off the board).
  • Changing Church…Changing Times
    Understanding our 21st century context and how your congregation can respond without losing its Presbyterian identity